About Us

Here at Brimstone Ridge Farm we are a family owned and operated longhorn cattle farm in Hocking Hills Ohio. We have been raising Texas Longhorn cattle since 2014 . We offer a one of a kind farm experience for the whole family. Our goal is simple, to enjoy and learn so that we can breed for quality and the future of Texas Longhorn generations. We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and we invite you to come and take a tour of the herd in person. 

Tieana Stonerock

The Boss... She says jump we say might as well! honestly it is just easier that way. T is the lead for all things longhorn related. She wrangles, talks to old farmers until midnight, fills needles, and gives shots. She is also an Agriculture Education teacher for high schoolers. 

Olivia Stonerock

The Other Boss. She says jump we normally don't. Olivia is an aspiring vet, always interested in learning about the animals. She does really well at running through the woods chasing cattle. Lead pregnancy checker on the farm mostly due to her skinny arms.

Tony Steele

Owns the farm and rental cabin business. Brimstone Ridge Cabins. Works the back gate and always ends up with the crappy job. He makes sure all animals are happy and full. 

Cody Stonerock

The Head Wrangler. The fastest running wrangler. He is the only one to successfully rope a cow, twice. He manages all branding, roping, catching, and calf breaking. He also our pedigree guru. 

Cameron Hand 

The Other Wrangler. Cam is Abbey's husband and Madi's dad. He always here to help wrangle cows. He recently retired calf riding after his first attempt. 

Madi Hand

Madi is the lead in all things cowboy. Quiet but always present. She is the head cat wrangler she manages all cats on the farm. She stage 1 breaks all of the barn cats.

Abbey Hand

Abbey (left) is the wife of Cameron and the mother of Madi. She is the best gate watcher in the business bar none. And always brings the best snacks!